I specialise in creating personalised nutritional programmes for each client or group who come to me. My goal as a nutritionist is to take a look at what you love about food and what you don’t before giving you some simple yet effective steps to help bring your health back into balance. If there is a specific issue on your mind, from budget to weight loss, I’ll give you the tools you need to overcome it and achieve better health.

One to One Nutritional Consultations

Tailored to your individual needs and requirements, my one to one consultations can take place in your home or at my practice location.

Our initial consultation will last one hour, we will discuss your current dietary habits, lifestyle and medical history. With this information I can then create your  personalised nutrition plan.

You will also receive a free follow-up after four weeks, during which we can analyse how you feel, evaluate your progress and refresh or adjust your nutrition plan.

Health Programmes For Organisations & Charities

I provide nutritional guidance talks tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Flexible in structure and content, I will create your program to cover the elements key to your specific area of focus.

Talks can take place at your location for convenience and fit into your schedule.

Call or email me to discuss what your organisation’ needs and I can create the solution for you.

Group Nutritional Events & Workshops

Group workshops and community events can be a fantastic opportunity to open up a discussion about Nutrition.

Together we will dispel myths, alleviate confusion about dieting, challenge eating habits and refresh your relationship with food. My goals are to help you make more positive food choices and feel healthier for it.

Food sampling and vibrant conversation, while i guide and teach you all about wholesome nutrition, can be the recipe, for a lively event.

Healthy Cookery Classes & Demonstrations

Eating on the job – For groups of 6 to 8, i can teach you how to prepare a set of nutritionally balanced lunch or dinner recipes to help make  healthy eating in your own home simple.

Visit my home or i can come to your chosen location, here i will guide you through the cooking process, providing you with handy hints and tips as well as a break  down of the health benefits of each delicious dish. Then its taste time, sit back together and enjoy.

To book a One to One, Group Event or a Cooking Demonstration please contact me – 07790 065 432