Helping you make positive changes to eat well & feel better on a budget

Within my one-to-one Nutritionist consultations, community health programmes, cookery classes and demonstrations, I can help you discover food as the ultimate medicine for our bodies.

All too often our eating patterns become functional, eating because we feel we should or out of boredom, we grab a bite on the move, think we just don’t have the time to make something or that we can’t afford to eat fresh and wholesome foods!

Effective changes to suit your pocket

I’m on hand to help you achieve an optimal balance of health and wellness, no matter what your budget, age, background or worries. I will guide you to a greater understanding of the health benefits that proper nutrition can give you and your family –  you’ll be amazed at how straightforward you’ll find making positive day to day food choices, once you know the reasons why and how to do this within a budget.

Drop the fad diets, quick fixes and food fears. With just some small changes, you could experience greater energy each day and take your health in YOUR hands!

Come and meet me at the Sheffield Wellness Centre where my sessions are based to find out for yourself what you could do to become healthier and happier.

Handy Nutritional Tips

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I specialise in Nutrition for:

Low Energy
Digestive Problems
Weight Loss
Mental Health
Sleep Problems
Food Allergies
Food Intolerances
Overall Health

I offer everyone:

One to One Nutritionist consultation

Health programmes for organisations

Group nutritional events & workshops

Healthy cookery classes & demos

You Are What You Eat!

This is the truth.

Life need not just be about struggling on, i am here to help you, guide you towards better eating, for you to feel better about the b